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[audio][DADA150] Zoologic
A dark ambient album bearing the title ' Zoologic '. This music can be best compared to old Mortiis and probably most other dark ambient mixed with speech. Doesn't matter though, this album is very good and if you like ambient you will like this!
Keywords: Zoologic; dark ambient; ambient; industrial; atmospheric; DADA150
Downloads: 3,178
[audio][DADA141] [praw] - the 1640s [gold collectors' edition] - [praw]
[praw]'s album 'the 1640s' has been revised, revisited and remastered especially for Dadaist Audio and is available for you to download and enjoy!
Keywords: [praw], experimental; avantgarde; noise; ambient; DADA141
Downloads: 271
[audio][DADA178] Oddio - [Untitled] - Oddio
A new EP by Oddio here on Dadaist Audio. This three-track work treats us with a nice ambient sound which fits in with just about everything.
Keywords: Oddio; ambient; soundscapes; experimental; DADA178
Downloads: 146
[audio][DADA064] Murmurists - .WAV - Murmurists
Murmurists return to Dadaist Audio with an all new album with the alluring name of '.WAV'. This is music is just what we like from the Murmurists, experimentalism at it's best!
Keywords: Murmurists; experimental; avantgarde; noise; ambient; DADA064
Downloads: 1,429
[audio][DADA017] Stirner - Silverfish - Stirner
A very fine one-song MCD by Stirner. This is very loud and rumbling dark ambient, though it's quite noisy at time too. It's perfect music to just sit back to and let the soundwaves capture you and take you to a world where nothing matters anymore, in roughly an half an hour you will wake up and find yourself still here.
Keywords: Stirner; dark ambient; noise; ambient; darkness; loud; rumbling; tea; DADA017
Downloads: 348
[audio][DADA162] The Ghost & Swift Moths - The Ocean At Night - The Ghost & Swift Moths
One who is ever left to wander on the deck of a ship after the devil's hour, surrounded only by the oceanic abyss tell that only the motion of the waves and the wind can be heard, but occasionally haunting melodies intrude the serene calmness of these scenes. Now you know you have heard The Ghost & Swift Moths.
Keywords: The Ghost & Swift Moths; ambient; dark ambient; experimental; abstract; DADA162
Downloads: 413 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][DADA097] Oddio - [Untitled] - Oddio
Oddio presents us this cool, little EP filled with strange noises, psychedelic sounds, playfull twists and ofcourse the obligatory experimentalism. I regard this release as a very welcome addition to the ever-growing Dadaist Audio catalogue!
Keywords: Oddio; experimental; noise; ambient; psychedelic; viandel; DADA097
Downloads: 649
[audio][DADA030] Hector Pizarro - Solo Tres Minutos - Hector Pizarro
Hector Pizarro presents us one of his newest songs, Solo 3 Minutos. It's a song of pure downtempo, ambiental bliss with very nicely done beats. The overall feel is just very calm and dreamy; everyone will like this. I can see Hector Pizarro grow huge in the electronica world if he keeps on doing this! Great stuff.
Keywords: Hector Pizarro; downtempo; ambient; IDM; techno; dreamy; DADA030
Downloads: 339
[audio][DADA041] Sieghai - Babel 666999 Zion - Sieghai
The fifth installment in the series of Sieghai albums to be released here on Dadaist Audio. This material is much harder than we are used to by Sieghai, he totally got me unexpected when I put this up at a bit of a louder volume, I got just totally blown away. And that's a good thing, enjoy this short but harsh EP.
Keywords: Sieghai; Babylon; noise; harsh; ambient; experimental; jungle; DADA041
Downloads: 3,185
[audio][DADA123] Nanohex - Schmertz - Nanohex
Nanohex' debut release on Dadaist Audio! This lovely little EP sets out to be a very atmospheric and psychedelic journey into the world of pain and torture. This is the perfect soundtrack to a bondage session or when you're in some sort of sadistic dreamy mood.
Keywords: Nanohex; ambient; industrial; psychedelic; atmospheric; pain; DADA123
Downloads: 257
[audio][DADA080] Sieghai - E.P.O. Electro.Pop.Opfer - Sieghai
Another new album by german noise band Sieghai. I have no idea if this album will also be released elsewhere but it probably will. This stuff is something different from the earlier Sieghai releases here on Dadaist Audio. This one is very synth-pop influenced and even danceable at times. Nice.
Keywords: Sieghai; techno; synth-pop; industrial; noise; ambient; DADA080
Downloads: 461
[audio][DADA183] Derex - Dream With Me - Derex
A lovely EP by Derex. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiental trance music! Did I already mention that model is hot too?
Keywords: Derex; trance; ambient; dance; electronic; electro; DADA183
Downloads: 195
[audio][DADA043] Zahnrad - Menschheit?.. Tod! - Zahnrad
A very misanthropic and nihilistic release here by noise artist Zahnrad. Very hostile, evil and non-conformist. This is truly the soundtrack to the genocide of men, by men.
Keywords: Zahnrad; noise; ambient; experimental; power electronics; misanthropic; nihilistic; DADA043
Downloads: 465
[audio][DADA028] Level / Sirens - Level / Sirens - Level / Sirens
Two great noisicians contribute to the Dadaist Audio release catalogue with this fine split. This is great stuff to put up and just sit back to, close your eyes and lose yourself within the unpleasant sounds.
Keywords: Level; Sirens; noise; ambient; industrial; meat; DADA028
Downloads: 361
[audio][DADA105] Burial - Vol. 2 - Burial
Second album by ambient / noise artist Burial. This release has a very desolate and cold atmosphere and the front cover artwork is just fantastic. Also be sure to check out Vol. 1 released on the amazing polish Far From Showbiz netlabel!
Keywords: Burial; ambient; noise; industrial; atmospheric; desolate; DADA105
Downloads: 500
[audio][DADA005] Doornen vs. Terg - Altering Instincts: Cause Of Death - Doornen vs. Terg
This release features Doornen remixing a track made by Terg, the result is a very harsh, endless wave of sounds that just keeps going on until the end of the the 12 minutes, the sudden silence emerging will estrange you, it's a really weird affect.
Keywords: Doornen; Terg; Noise; Ambient; Power Electronics; Remix; DADA005
Downloads: 445
[audio][DADA063] My Semipermeable Membrane - Because It's A Metalloid - My Semipermeable Membrane
A very silent altough wonderfull release by My Sempipermeable Membrane. It is not really music to intensively listen to, but it makes for a very dark and gloomy atmosphere, if you are in need of one!
Keywords: My Semipermeable Membrane; noise; ambient; experimental; DADA063
Downloads: 268
[audio][DADA161] Murmurists - Haem - Murmurists
This is the day that we can celebrate yet another fine new Murmurists work here on Dadaist Audio. 'Haem' shows that these Englishmen belong to the finest of the new online experimental music scene!
Keywords: Murmurists; avant-garde; experimental; noise; ambient; DADA161
Downloads: 757
[audio][DADA146] Buben - Distillation - Buben
This is the first of two solo albums by Vlad Buben here at Dadaist Audio, many people might already be known with this man since he has put out a lot of other works on many netlabels around. Distillation is an ambiental, spacey techno-ish work and it's sure to be enjoyed by a lot of people. Recommended. Artwork is done by the Murmurists (check out their releases on this label, or go here: http://murmurists.blogspot.com/)
Keywords: Buben; experimental; techno; electronic; electro; ambient; DADA146
Downloads: 804
[audio][DADA001] Doornen - Delirium Tremens - Doornen
This first release on Dadaist Audio is provided by the great upcoming noise artist Doornen. 'Delirium Tremens' is probably his most soft release to date, which leaves most of us wondering how earbleedingly loud the rest of his stuff must be.
Keywords: Doornen; noise; ambient; experimental; Delirium Tremens; DADA001
Downloads: 6,666 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][DADA172] David Grundy - And Do The Gods Desert Us? - David Grundy
This is what I would call 'harsh ambient'. It's both very soothing like most ambient is, but it is done so by using harsh sounds. The title of this album very appropriate in my opinion, it really sounds like all godliness leaving this world. If this is a good thing we have yet to find out.
Keywords: David Grundy; ambient; noise; soundscape; harsh; DADA172
Downloads: 149
[audio][DADA039] Sieghai - La Mer, La Mère - The Born In Underwaterland Single Album - Sieghai
The third Sieghai albums in a series of six to be released on Dadaist Audio. This is a one-song album, but what a song it is. Almost 50 minutes long will you be treated with nice droney soundscapes, some ambient and just chilled out moods, very cool!
Keywords: Sieghai; drone; guitar; dreamy; ambient; calm; silent; DADA039
Downloads: 197
[audio][DADA038] Sieghai - Menstruate Arithmetics - Sieghai
The second in the series of Sieghai albums to be released by Dadaist Audio. This EP is very short and consists mainly of lo-fi, soft screechy and scratchy noise, very nice for those more laid back listening sessions.
Keywords: Sieghai; noise; ambient; lo-fi; menstruate; bloodletting; DADA038
Downloads: 348
[audio][DADA197] Guttersnipe - Pulse Code - Guttersnipe
This is some very minimal type of music perfect for people who live a minimal type of life. No sweat though if you don't embrace yourself with the spiritual satisfaction of non-materialism, nobody is stopping your from downloading and listening to 'Pulse Code'; so do it.
Keywords: Guttersnipe; noise; minimal; ambient; lo-fi; psychedelic; DADA197
Downloads: 266
[audio][DADA052] Messiah Complex - White Widow - Messiah Complex
Messiah Complex brings to us a very dark and haunting 43 minute long song in which you can get completely lost within the clausthrophobic and desolate atmosphere.
Keywords: Messiah Complex; ambient; noise; soundscape; haunting; gloomy; DADA052
Downloads: 364
[audio][DADA051] Morbid Funeral - Contemplation... Introspection - Morbid Funeral
A new and exciting album by ambient/noise artist Morbid Funeral. The overal atmosphere of the music is dark and haunting. It is really good though and really worth some listens. Be sure to check back on the Dadaist Audio site for another Morbid Funeral release!
Keywords: Morbid Funeral; ambient; noise; dark; haunting; lo-fi; DADA051
Downloads: 515
[audio][DADA163] The Bottmfeedr - The Bottmfeedr Remixed - The Bottmfeedr
An awesome remix album featuring the 4 original The Bottmfeedr tracks, and 8 stylish edits and remixes which makes for a very varied album! Definitely one to listen to more than once! Download this now and enter the wonderful world of The Bottmfeedr where the Bottm doesn't feed itself.
Keywords: The Bottmfeedr; noise; ambient; experimental; abstract; remixes; electronic; DADA163
Downloads: 275
[audio][DADA165] Bandmates On Bubble Tea - Expand Your Mind With Us - Bandmates On Bubble Tea
Expand your mind with the Bandmates On Bubble Tea. Turn of the lights, take your favorite drug, sit back and relax (if possible). Let the soothing and trippy sounds of these bandmates change your mindset about everything. You will be thankful for it.
Keywords: Bandmates On Bubble Tea; psychedelic; trippy; ambient; experimental; DADA165
Downloads: 314
[audio][DADA101] aRtx - Reis Der Eenheid - aRtx
Follow aRtx into a journey to a place where your wildest dreams and your deepest wishes can come true. Listening to this easy-going ambiental work will cause you to be relieved of your stress, depression and other bad things in life. Life can be so beautifull, listen to aRtx.
Keywords: aRtx; ambient; experimental; lovely; nice; easy listening; DADA101
Downloads: 396
[audio][DADA114] Original Tongues - Observation And Glass - Original Tongues
It took a long time for this album to be released, this was caused by some hectic stuff on my side and the fact there was no artwork for this release. The Murmurists where willing and able to make a front and back cover and they did a fantastic job! My thanks also goes out to Original Tongues for being so patient and for providing a fantastic piece of experimental music!
Keywords: Original Tongues; experimental; folk; acoustic; ambient; DADA114
Downloads: 1,675
[audio][DADA107] Black Saturn - Verses Of Noise - Black Saturn
Black Saturn's magnum opus finally sees the light here at Dadaist Audio. This mini-album proves that hiphop and genres like noise and industrial does sound good! This is a highly recommended download for everyone in need of music with a different flavor.
Keywords: Black Saturn; hiphop; noise; industrial; ambient; experimental; DADA107
Downloads: 445
[audio][DADA152] Kitten Patrol - Plains - Kitten Patrol
Kitten Patrol returns to Dadaist Audio with a magnificent new album full of apocalyptic industrial sounds. This is a new milestone in the works of Kitten Patrol and also the last of new material made as a solo artist since Kitten Patrol will continue to produce music as a band in the future.
Keywords: Kitten Patrol; industrial; martial; noise; ambient; experimental; neofolk; DADA152
Downloads: 271
[audio][DADA158] Pete Standing Alone - Mirrors In The Springs - Pete Standing Alone
A welcome refreshment after the fast and loud releases here on Dadaist Audio. Pete (he's that guy that never sits when he can stand alone) presents us a short, but beautiful musical homage to an awesome forest somewhere in Wisconsin. I have been told the experience was like a drug-induced trip while this music serves as a calming score to the comedown.
Keywords: Pete Standing Alone; ambient; acoustic; atmospheric; lovely; DADA158
Downloads: 210
[audio][DADA019] Heptotrocitron / Prophex - Heptotrocitron / Prophex - Heptotrocitron / Prophex
A fun split between Heptotrocitron, who was in a more noisy mood and Prophex, who decided to show off his newest and some older danceable(?) songs of his. A recommended download if you like both noise, and IDM.
Keywords: Heptotrocitron; Prophex; noise; IDM; danceable; ambient; potatoes; DADA019
Downloads: 3,573
[audio][DADA075] chalkwhitehands - Hymnal - chalkwhitehands
A great, hour long album by australian experimentalist 'chalkwhitehands'. This album is actually one long composition divided in shorter segments for easier listening. At first I thought this album was nothing special, but after taking some more dedicated listening sessions I began to love it. Give this album enough attention and you'll be in for a sure treat.
Keywords: chalkwhitehands; experimental; ambient; noise; glitch; australian; kangaroo; DADA075
Downloads: 3,706 (1 review)
[audio][DADA031] HLLO/SMN - Aging Servicemen, Lagoonal You'll Be Kept - HLLO/SMN
I cannot say anything else other than this is a great album, it has got all the right formulas to a good experimental album. What are those formulas you ask? I don't know, have a listen for yourself and you will understand the greatness that is HLLO/SMN.
Keywords: HLLO/SMN; experimental; noise; ambient; guitarplay; tosti; DADA031
Downloads: 571
[audio][DADA081] Doornen - It's Gonna Rain Sound - Doornen
Doornen finally returns to Dadaist Audio with an all new short ep bearing one track with the title 'It's Gonna Rain Sound', a homage to our most favorite minimal music composer Steve Reich. The track starts out very muddy but progresses towards an eargrinding sound throughout the track. Nice work, mr. Doornen.
Keywords: Doornen; Noise; Ambient; Experimental; Minimal; Bereklauw; DADA081
Downloads: 595
[audio][DADA086] Murmurists - Pax Ithyphallic - Murmurists
The Murmurists return yet again with another new 4-track ep full of avantgardistic awesomeness. This album is somewhat quiet and haunting, very atmospheric and ambiental nice. Nice stuff. I hope the Murmurists feel at home here on Dadaist Audio.
Keywords: Murmurists; avantgarde; experimental; ambient; noise; dark; haunting; kebab; DADA086
Downloads: 1,583
[audio][DADA116] Cling - Luna C / Slipping Away - Cling
An awesome two-track single by Cling. This is very cool downtempo music with a very nice IDM vibe combined with nice female vocals. I guess it can be compared to Portishead in a way, although Cling is a little less darker.
Keywords: Cling; downtempo; idm; trip hop; ambient; vocals; pop; DADA116
Downloads: 18,805
[audio][DADA177] Uberlulu - Espace, Temps, Esoterisme Et Compagnie - Uberlulu
Uberlulu surprises us with an album which contains nice synthesizer melodies and makes me think of many of the in-game music used in those classic RPG games; but in contrast with this the album also features a lot of soundscaping and experimental blips en beeps.
Keywords: Uberlulu; ambient; soundscape; synthesizer; game music; experimental; DADA177
Downloads: 192
[audio][DADA009] HLLO/SMN - Shadows Of The Dance Bag Situation - HLLO/SMN
This is a very fine release by HLLO/SMN, it's full of noise, experimental sounds, some subtle beats and just overal skill. So what are you waiting for, download this already!
Keywords: HLLO/SMN; experimental; noise; ambient; idm; DADA009
Downloads: 486
[audio][DADA076] TSIDMZ vs. [distopia] - Research On Human Dementia - TSIDMZ vs. [distopia]
A very cool split / collaboration album by industrial artists TSIDMZ and [distopia]. Atmosphere-wise this releases make me think of the La Vie Gaspillée / Toes, Burnt, Discarded split which makes me think of the games series Command & Conquer. This release is more beat oriented though, which is awesome.
Keywords: TSIDMZ; [distopia]; noise; industrial; ambient; experimental; machine; breakbeat; DADA076
Downloads: 784
[audio][DADA048] Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull - Alienated Majesty - Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull
A whole ep of new material from upcoming dutch noise band Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull, mostly comprised of high pitched screeching and a bit of atmosphere. Get this while it's hot!
Keywords: Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull; noise; ambient; atmosphere; dutch; DADA048
Downloads: 353
[audio][DADA037] Sieghai - A Nightmare Before Business (We Forget The Best) - Sieghai
This is the first in the series of albums by Sieghai that will be released here on Dadaist Audio. Some people might've heard them before because they are also released by Noise-Joy and they are also downloadable on the band's MySpace itself. I hope that some people who haven't heard this yet will check this out because this is quality stuff!
Keywords: Sieghai; noise; ebm; ambient; experimental; improvisation; hamburger; DADA037
Downloads: 475
[audio][DADA061] Globoscuro & Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Ginnungagap - Globoscuro & Roberto Maldoror Manfredini
From the extensive musical archive of Archeodada comes this fine collaboration album. This is perfect music to close your eyes too and let yourself drift away from reality. Very psychedelic, very ambient, very awesome.
Keywords: Globoscuro; Roberto Maldoror Manfredini; experimental; noise; psychedelic; ambient; DADA061
Downloads: 640 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio][DADA024] Abismo - Idolos Del Terror, El Narcotrafico Y La Guerrilla Hispana En Un Mundo De Maricones - Abismo
Abismo brings us an all-new drug induced new album in which he presents us lo-fi sounding industrial-like noise. It's really minimal but at the same time very captivating, respect to Abismo. Recommended download!
Keywords: Abismo; noise; ambient; industrial; drug; spanish; civil war; DADA024
Downloads: 881
[audio][DADA104] Mixturizer + Taiko Oroshi + Kenji Siratori - Collaboration I - Mixturizer + Taiko Oroshi + Kenji Siratori
The first edition in a series of collaborations between Mixturizer, Taiko Oroshi and Kenji Siratori. This short release features a lot of psychedelic noise and some insane spoken parts. A must-download for every noise fanatic and experimentalists.
Keywords: Mixturizer; Taiko Oroshi; Kenji Siratori; noise; ambient; psychedelic; experimental; DADA104
Downloads: 545
[audio][DADA093] THE IRISH BRIGADES - project SCHURIKEN - The Streets Of Morgul - THE IRISH BRIGADES - project SCHURIKEN
A nice, 20 minute album by THE IRISH BRIGADES - project SCHURIKEN. I was a bit confused about everything at first, I had no clue as what to do with this album because it was not clear to me who was the artist, what was the album title, and so on. Luckily am not confused anymore so I can bring you this fine piece of music. Enjoy!
Keywords: THE IRISH BRIGADES - project SCHURIKEN; ambient; experimental; noise; industrial; DADA093
Downloads: 395
[audio][DADA033] Furball - Eisenfaust - Furball
As a sequel to '-^^-' P. Turner now returns with a whole new EP under his alias Furball! You can really hear the similarities between the two EP's; the orchestral sample looping. The first thing that does strike me with this new release is that there is so much more add in, you just got to hear for yourself!
Keywords: Furball; P. Turner; orchestral; sample looping; manipulating; tape; noise; ambient; experimental; DADA033
Downloads: 372
[audio][DADA160] P. Turner - Billions And Billions Of Stars And Galaxies - P. Turner
A beautiful ambient album by P. Turner, the mastermind behind Kitten Patrol and the new upcoming band Viridian City (look out for them). This nice album is the soundtrack too a small spaceship, lost in the endless universe, the crew never to arrive at their destination. Lovely!
Keywords: P. Turner; Furball; Kitten Patrol; ambient; noise; industrial; martial; neofolk; DADA160
Downloads: 188
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